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At Malparidos, our commitment is to enhance your riding experience.


The Malparidos (MPRDS) 2-in-1 Exhaust System for Harley-Davidson® has been meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled riding adventure. Our goal is to provide an exceptional deep racing sound, racing design, optimized performance, and complete street legality.


We've invested countless hours in a close collaboration with Zard, where our exhausts are developed and produced in Italy. This partnership has allowed us to design an exhaust system that not only achieves the perfect sound for a Street Legal non-electronic exhaust but also maintains the utmost standards of quality and craftsmanship which allows us to offer a 3-year warranty on the systems.

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Unleash the Power of Your Ride with
Malparidos Exhaust

2 in 1 Exhaust System 

for Harley-Davidson® 

M8 Softail 2018-2024 Euro 4/Euro 5

M8 Touring 2017-2024 Euro 4/Euro 5 

TwinCam Dyna 6 Speed Euro 3

TwinCam Dyna 5 Speed Euro 3/Euro 2 COMING SOON 


Certified for Switzerland

3-Year International Warranty
Static without electronic or valves

​Material:Stainless Steel ASI 304 or Full Titanium​

Designed in Switzerland

Manufactured in Italy 

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This list refers only to Switzerland

Prices are VAT included


MPRDS 2 in 1 Exhaust System

EURO 4 and 5 EU/CEE Certificate

Touring Models 2017-up

until 117 engine

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This list refers only to Europe.

Prices are without VAT

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MPRDS 2 in 1 Exhaust System

EURO 4 and 5 EU/CEE Certificate

Softail Models 2018-up

until 117 engine

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A detailed list of all models and fitments available 


MPRDS 2 in 1 Exhaust System

EURO 3 EU/CEE Certificate

Dyna Models 2006-2016/7

until 110 engine

R&D and Production

As at Malparidos we are a customiser, each exhaust system is meticulously designed in Switzerland and carefully tested in the Custom garage and on the road to address the diverse mounting challenges faced by users.

When it comes to production we work exclusively with Zard S.r.l. (Italy)– which brings along its over 30 years of experience, a story of authentic passion, racing soul and a continuous desire to innovate. This collaboration allows us to work with fun with the R&D the technical teams which allows us to transform our tasks into premium exhausts.

At Zard, Malparidos exhaust system are meticulously crafted by skilled welders and rigorously tested both on the rolling bench as well on the street. Malparidos products seamlessly blend craftmanship with cutting-edge attention to details that we like to deliver (as the visible welds to give a racing signature to the satin version). We utilize only premium-grade raw materials as stainless steel (AISI 304) for tubes and plates, as well as Titanium with which we deliver the most lightweight street legal systems.


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