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Who we are

"We are Malparidos"

Ari and Chris on Dyna Freedom 1.jpg


“Made by riders for riders”


“We are a couple who share a deep passion for riding. 

Chris practically grew up on a motorcycle, starting with trials, then moving on to motocross, and eventually tearing up Japanese rides with his need for speed. 

As for myself, Ari, I discovered my love for motorcycles later in life, being a proud Italian, I cherished my "Ducati Monster" for years.

We were once adrenaline “junkies”, unafraid and unstoppable, until the day we decided to embrace a more mature approach and fell in love with American bikes.

Our shared passion led us to establish Malparidos together in 2019 in Delémont - Switzerland. 

We began by developing rider's apparel progressing into Custom and motorcycle parts dealership. 


We initially started by customizing our own bikes and with the time we grew a reputation of being known as a local “Clubstyle” Garage place. 


Clubstyle contests

“In 2021, we secured 3rd place at the first-ever Clubstyle contest during the BigTwin Show in Houten, Netherlands with our custom Dyna FXDB. 

This marked the beginning of several more achievements to come. Fast forward to 2023, we've proudly reached the Top 20 at the MBE in Verona again with the Dyna, achieved two 3rd place finishes (Clubstyle Softail and Performance Bagger) at Punta Bagna in France, and celebrated two 1st place victories (Clubstyle Softail and Performance Bagger) at Hell’s Week in Frejus, France."

Our guiding principle is to never settle, but we also understand the value of taking the due time to do things correctly as "Fast is fine, but precise is better." 


Fueled by our innate love for performance, sound, and style, we continue to work diligently, crafting new projects and products alongside friends and professional partners we genuinely enjoy working with.

In the midst of all this, we remain dedicated to delivering the "next project" while keeping our clients' needs and expectations at the forefront. After all, as riders ourselves, we understand what it means to provide quality and respect for our fellow bikers.” 


Ari & Chris​


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